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Trish Perry

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Christian romance author Trish Perry

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Why She Never Told Me

A mother's secret threatens a nearly perfect life.



Layla Belanger enjoys her moderately successful career writing whimsical books for children, but she’s eager to expand to more meaty, adult fare. Still, when approached by a strange, older man about writing his dark story of family turmoil, her intuition whispers “no.” 


She seeks advice from her exciting new man--the charming father of a precocious little girl--as well as from her prosperous but emotionally distant parents. In so doing, she starts in motion the crumbling of a wall of secrets she never knew existed. 


When the truth is unearthed, Layla must decide: how much is she willing to forgive? How unconditional is her love?

Cover Why She Never Told Me

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"I sat down and picked up The Guy I'm Not Dating not really intending to read it, just thinking I'd glance over a few pages. Two hours later I'm still 'glancing over' those pages and laughing enough to make my husband ask, 'What is so funny?' Later the same night, I turned to the last page and had to declare, 'Loved it! Loved, loved, loved it!'"

(Roseanna White, Christian Review of Books)

"With its three-dimensional characters and a quaint setting, this series debut by the author of Sunset Beach and Beach Dreams, which both won state RWA Awards, is certain to earn Perry new fans."
(Library Journal)

Praise & Reviews

"Trish Perry has penned another entertaining romance that is fun and engaging yet encompasses the serious issues of prejudice, overbearing parents and how childhood shapes us."

(Relz Reviews) 

This devotional should be labeled "Manual for Life." The authors show the pains, problems and persisting nightmares of everyday life and balance them with the light of hope in Jesus. I definitely recommend His Grace is Sufficient...But Decaf is Not for anyone seeking to find God's assurance and encouragement. "

(Tracie Peterson, best-selling author of more than 110 books, including Knowing You, Kingdom of Love, and the Heart of Cheyenne series)

"Beach Dreams is a fun, contemporary romance about how God uses even our mistakes to bring about His divine purposes--the perfect getaway read."

(CBA Retailers + Resources)

"Trish skillfully weaves authentic human emotions into a well-paced story which combine to set this above an everyday
romance...Unforgettable is a delightful story and my favorite Trish Perry read. Put on your dancing shoes and grab a copy for yourself!" 
(Relz Reviews)

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Christian romance author Trish Perry

About Trish

Trish Perry has always been an avid reader who discovered her love of writing while earning her Psych degree in the Washington, DC area. Rather than counseling clients, Trish now uses her understanding of what makes us tick to design characters and situations that explore life, faith, humor, and love.

ACRA Heart of Excellence Readers' Choice Award Wisconsin RWA
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