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Image by Ashton Bingham

Trish Perry

Trish Perry photo from Jamaica wedding

Award-winning novelist Trish Perry has written more than 25 inspirational romances and devotionals for traditional and independent publishers. Since the release of her first novel, The Guy I’m Not Dating, she has woven romance, humor, friendship, and faith throughout her stories of people seeking fulfilling lives together—and in spite of one another. She entertains readers while exploring how even the faultiest characters can grow, especially when they get out of God’s way. That growth is sometimes frustrating, occasionally poignant, and often hilarious. This theme colors all of Trish’s books.


Prior to becoming an author, Trish toiled away at law firms and at the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, DC. She was a terrible stockbroker. She was a stressed-out sales rep.


But now she's living happily ever after in Los Angeles, where she can be closer to family, whether they like it or not. She’s become a passionate fan of California weather and has developed a healthy fear of what might happen should the temperature drop below 50 degrees.

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