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Funny World: Watch Travel Man

Travel Man Season 1

I’m often on the lookout for a short, humorous show on streaming, one I can watch for a brief uplift before going to bed at night or while grabbing a quick bite of lunch. I’ve recently discovered a show that’s been on the air since 2015 (I’ve never claimed to be on the cutting edge of available content). It’s called Travel Man, and for its first nine series, actor/writer/comedian/director/producer Richard Ayoade served as the host.

The theme of the show is that Ayoade travels to some key city of the world with a guest—usually an actor or comedian—and spends only 48 hours exploring the locale. We experience the culture in brisk and lighthearted fashion. So far I've followed Ayoade to Barcelona, Istanbul, Reykjavik, Marrakech, Vienna, Paris, Copenhagen, Moscow, Venice, Dubrovnik, Seville, and Berlin. The show is by no means an exhaustive treatise on any of the cities visited. It’s just an engaging, informative, cultural gem. Ayoade has a dry, intellectual wit and is quirky and articulate. I laugh a lot during each thirty-minute episode, currently available on Prime.

I will warn that there are very rare moments of salty language or mild sexual innuendo, but Ayoade avoids being offensive. He’s a smart man, and his sardonic manner is part of the entertainment. If you’re looking for something different and enjoyably informative, I would recommend you give Travel Man a try!

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