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Operation Underground Railroad

Updated: Feb 28

Sound of Freedom movie poster

Have you seen Sound of Freedom yet? Do you plan to?

Like many people I hesitated to go to this movie about the efforts of Tim Ballard and Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from sex trafficking rings all over the world. Of course, I support those efforts and want them to succeed right down to saving the last missing child. But I was afraid I’d see images I’d never be able to get out of my mind.

My son saw it before I did and assured me I wouldn’t have nightmares based on what the film shows. He was right. Because the film focuses on a few specific children—children who were rescued—it is a story of hope. And rescue is the operative word here. The movie is emotional, but it’s also suspenseful.

What did stay with me after seeing Sound of Freedom was the desire to help in some way. Operation Underground doesn’t receive any of the proceeds from the film, but it’s possible to contribute to the organization (which is rated 100% by, either once or monthly. It’s a safe way to play a part in saving those sweet innocents.

The politicization of the movie is unfortunate nonsense. These are good, brave people risking so much for God’s “little ones.” I would encourage you to witness the birth of such a noble organization.

Your thoughts?

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