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Am I Praying Wrong? Matthew 7:7

Updated: Feb 28

Matthew 7:7 How are we to pray?

Doesn’t Matthew 7:7 sound fantastic? What is it you want? Ask, and it’s yours. Right?

Most of us have heard the caution to avoid praying as if God were an almighty vending machine. I do find that petition is often my go-to attitude when I pray. It’s difficult to avoid, if you truly believe He’s all powerful, able to provide anything He chooses to provide.

If you're like me, you have to deliberately let go of more selfish leanings and focus first on God’s glory, and then thank Him for specific blessings in your life and the lives of your loved ones, your friends, and the world. Only then does it make sense to ask, seek, and knock.

But the way Jesus worded Matthew 7:7 tells me that, just because I don’t always see His answer doesn’t mean it’s useless to ask. Some Bible scholars point out the increasing fervor in the verse. Ask (rather gentle), seek (more persistent), and knock (downright pushy).

I think the belief that God is in charge, in control, and all powerful is an okay framework for this part of our prayers. I've actually had times I've begged Him for a development in a loved one's life--practically banging on that door. If His answer looks different from what I'm envisioning, my prayer is also that He'll guide me/us through that with grace.

So if I ask for a blessing, I need to seek His answer to my prayer, and I must remember to knock on, and walk through, whatever door He ends up opening.

I'd love to hear your take.

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