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Are You Writing a Novel? Stories About "My First Novel."

Updated: Mar 2

My First Novel book cover

Maybe you dream of publishing a novel yourself. Or maybe you're simply curious about the attempts at publication some of your favorite Christian authors made early on. Novelists like Jerry Jenkins, Tamera Alexander, Colleen Coble, James Scott Bell, and more. Their journeys might be more circuitous than you realize. If you're hoping to publish someday, their experiences might encourage you to carry on.

My First Novel (and what became of it) is a story collection just released by The Novelists of ChiLibris. I even know many of the writers featured, and I didn't know how any of them got their starts. Each author travels a different path, so there's plenty of advice and fun storytelling for every reader or struggling author.

The book's Amazon page lists all of the novelists featured. I encourage you to take a look and dive into some entertaining experiences, one little story at a time.

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