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Praying for Israel: God's Chosen People

Israeli flag

I’m feeling serious today. I’m moved to pray anew for the people of Israel. Nearly seven months have passed since the devastating terrorist attack on Israeli civilians near the Gaza Strip. Every day since the attack has brought untold horror for the victims still held captive, as well as more agonizing heartache for their families. As time slips by, too many people have forgotten about the evil we saw with our own eyes, thanks to horrific online videos proudly shared by the terrorists themselves. Israel’s rescue efforts and retaliation are treated by many as unprovoked, even as genocide.

As a Christian I embrace the Word of God, the Bible. So I have no doubt that Jacob—also called Israel—was the son of Abraham whose descendants are named God’s chosen ones: “The Lord says, ‘Listen now, Israel, my servant, my chosen people, the descendants of Jacob. I am the Lord who created you; from the time you were born, I have helped you. Do not be afraid; you are my servant, my chosen people whom I love.’” (Isaiah 44:1-2) My Savior descended from Israel's people. He loves us all, but He set Israel aside as special.

History has shown there are ramifications for bending to the vicious power of evil men like those who attacked on October 7 and those who continue to support what they’ve done to God’s chosen ones. I hope you join me in praying on behalf of all innocents caught up, directly or indirectly, in the darkness and hatred inflicted on Israel. God is not surprised,  but He is surely watching.

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