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Escape With Your Family: Discover Escape Rooms!

Escape Room

Looking for your next family outing? I suggest you consider giving an escape room a try. I suppose I'm a bit late to the party with escape rooms, but my family started frequenting some of the many escape rooms in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. Now I'm so hooked!

I used to assume escape rooms were best avoided by the claustrophobic (that would be me). But they're actually big puzzles that challenge players to think outside the box. Some are crafted better than others, but they're all entertaining in their own way. It's always really satisfying when you figure out something that helps the group achieve its goals.

There are numerous levels of difficulty, so it's possible to tailor your choice of room to enable every group member--young and old--to play a part in solving the puzzle. (Also, every room allows for clues when needed.) There are even rooms strictly for kids--some of which have birthday party rooms.

Each escape room has its own theme: Art Museum, Space Adventure, Prison Escape, Pirate's Booty, Egyptian Pyramid, Pop Star, Alice in Wonderland, you name it. They're very creative and mentally stimulating. And they're everywhere--check your local Google Maps to find one! I'd love to hear about your experience!

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