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Forgiveness: Nothing to Do With "Deserve"

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Because my latest novel ultimately deals with forgiveness, I’ve been dwelling lately on the importance and power of forgiving. Today I came upon this wonderful quote by author Eric Metaxas: "Thankfully, forgiveness, and the healing it brings in its wake, has nothing to do with 'deserve.'"

How true! Our gift of God’s grace is unmerited, unearned. And He can bless us with the same power to forgive others, even those who don’t 'deserve' it. Grudges toward others weigh down our spirits. Likewise, the inability to forgive ourselves—dwelling on our past sins, for which Jesus already paid the price—hinders our walk with Him. It’s important to consider who might be darkly whispering those condemning thoughts to us. It’s not God, Who loves us dearly.

When reading devotionals and being tasked with considering whom I need to forgive, I struggle to bring anyone to mind. How about you? I don’t think that struggle reflects a life free of trials and hurts. I think it reflects something the Holy Spirit is able to do for us. Forgiveness lies at the heart of our faith, and I pray you forever feel His healing grace flowing through you. Forgive as you’ve been forgiven, and truly experience the heart of our Savior!

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