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Getting Back to Family Games

Updated: Mar 2

Family playing board game

Recently our family has taken time away from TV and social media (here and there, not as a hard-and-fast new discipline) to play a few new boardgames. I forgot how much fun they could be when they have a little something for everyone. Our ages range from 8-year-olds to senior citizens, and with these family games every one of us cracked up over our missteps and friendly competition.

One game in particular, Blank Slate, involves drawing a card with a word and a blank on it, like "NIGHT______." Each player secretly fills in the missing word on their slate in an effort to match with someone else. It's best to match with only one person in the group. Otherwise points are lost. The game is easy to learn and fun to strategize, and who high-

fives whom changes with each round.

So, beyond building strategic skills, we're connecting through the entertaining, shared experience and challenge. We're laughing at ourselves and communicating on an enjoyable level. I enjoy relaxing in front of the TV as much as anyone, but these interactive moments can strengthen the bonds of love and camaraderie in a family.

Are there any games you'd recommend? We're always looking for more!

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